April 5-6, 2014
North Myrtle Beach, SC

Undefeated No More: Defending Champions Knock Off Texas A&M


Photo by Megan Atkinson

By Jack thePhan,

Giving No. 5 seeded Texas A&M University its first loss of the season, the No. 1 seed University of Texas (UT) advanced to its second consecutive World Cup final, winning 110*-50.

The contest began with UT and Texas A&M trading goals, with the stars on each team displaying fantastic drives and shots. Goals didn’t come in an onslaught though, as both teams played solid defense that prevented the other team from opening up the score. Keeper/chasers Augustine Monroe, Aryan Ghoddossy and Kaci Erwin stepped up for UT early in the game, each putting the quaffle through the hoops. Texas A&M captain and chaser Drew Wasikowski and chaser Daniel Gibson were important in the game’s opening minutes. However, Wasikowski went down with an ankle injury and Texas A&M turned to lesser-known players for goals. UT’s beaters, a unit that struggled early in the season, were able to maintain bludger control and frustrate the Texas A&M offense.

This regional rivals game was very physical and the high intensity and physicality unfortunately led to two serious injuries. The lengthy delays disrupted the rhythm of the game and put a damper on the World Cup VII semifinals.

Following the second injury, which occurred with the snitch on pitch, Texas seeker Margo Aleman caught the snitch to end the game.

Texas will advance to play the winner of Emerson College versus Texas State University in the finals of World Cup VII.