April 5-6, 2014
North Myrtle Beach, SC

Texas State Defeats Ohio State; Advances to Semifinals


Photo by Hannah Huddle

By Luke Changet,

Texas State University prevailed over The Ohio State University (OSU), 100*-60, on a snitch grab from Steven Gralinski.

Texas State started the game very strong, opening up a 30-0 lead. After that, OSU’s defense settled in, but its offense struggled to find a way through the Texas State defense. The teams traded bludger control four times during this defense-heavy part of the game before Jeremy Boettner put OSU on the board. From there, Texas State pulled out of snitch range briefly, 50-10, but OSU began to claw its way back into the game. The score was 60-30  when the snitch returned. OSU took advantage of distracted beaters to bring the game within 10, at 70-60. After a near-miss from Mitch Boehm, Gralinksi made the grab and sent Texas State to the Final Four.

“We went out and did exactly what we’ve been planning for all season,” said Texas State Captain Jordan Parisher. “We like to start out fast and strong and really get the tempo up, and it really confuses the other team.”

“We didn’t want to lose like that again,” said Ohio State Captain Julie Fritz in reference to OSU’s loss to the Lost Boys Quidditch Club. “We wanted to show [Texas State] that that’s not the team we were. We’re not a team that’s just going to lie down. We came out hard, and everyone put it all on the line today.”

Texas State will play Emerson College for a chance to go to the finals.