April 5-6, 2014
North Myrtle Beach, SC

Reyes Leads Texas State Past Emerson

megan.atkinson.emerson.texas state065

Photo by Megan Atikinson

By Jack thePhan,

In the second semifinal between two surprise semifinalists, No. 15 seeded Texas State University pulled away from No. 6 seeded Emerson College to win 170*-80. Texas State’s Eric Reyes scored four goals and caught the snitch, adding to his terrific Team USA resume.

Emerson began the game on a 20-0 run much to the delight of the pro-Emerson crowd, but Texas State chaser Tyrell Williams responded with two goals to level the score before Reyes put the Southwest squad ahead. Despite an Emerson goal that tied the score at 30, Texas State dominated the next portion of the game. Texas State’s point defenders shut down Emerson keeper David Fox, who was unable to drive through the middle of the field. As a result, Texas State led 60-30 after 10 minutes of play. Texas State then scored three goals in a row and seemed to be in complete control.

Nicole Harrig - Emerson x Texas State Semi 5

Photo by Nicole Harrig

However, Emerson made a valiant effort to fight back. The first Northeast team to make the Final Four since Middlebury College at World Cup V scored three goals as Texas State missed offensive opportunities. Emerson recovered Texas State rebounds and prevented Texas State from getting second chance points. After several close missed goals, Emerson pulled into snitch range at 100-70 and the crowd roared, sensing the chance for Emerson to make the World Cup finals.

From there, Texas State seized control of the game, scoring four consecutive goals as the snitch returned to the pitch. Reyes caught the snitch with Texas State holding a 60 point lead for a 170*-80 victory.

Emerson’s thrilling run to the Final Four ended, as Northeasterners formed a tunnel for the Emerson players to run off the pitch through. Emerson finished with a 7-1 record, losing only to Texas State. Texas State improved to 7-1 and will face the University of Texas in the finals of World Cup VII.