April 5-6, 2014
North Myrtle Beach, SC

Ohio State Triumphs Over Michigan in Tight Match

megan.atkinson.ohio state031

Photo by Megan Atkinson

By Luke Changet,

The Ohio State University (OSU) prevailed in a tough game against archrival University of Michigan Quidditch on a snitch grab from Mitch Boehm, 90*-60.

This game was even from the start and neither team ever had a lead of more than one goal. Interestingly enough, bludger control didn’t seem to impact OSU too much, as four of its six goals came against two bludgers. Michigan was leading 50-40 when the snitch returned, but Michigan’s snitch-heavy beater strategy allowed OSU to score two quick goals. When Michigan responded to tie the game at 60, Boehm caught the snitch and sent OSU to the quarterfinals.

“We’ve played them four times [and] every single time it’s been super physical,” said OSU Captain David Hoops. “It’s been intense and this match didn’t disappoint.” Hoops had high praise for his beaters, saying that they held strong and were able to hold control for much of the game in spite of a double yellow to Eddie Lozano. “That was probably the best we’ve passed all day. I think we all played together as a team and I’m really proud of the way we performed,” said Hoops.

Ohio State advances to play Texas State in the quarterfinals.