April 5-6, 2014
North Myrtle Beach, SC

Alive and Mighty: Texas A&M Survives Lone Star


Photo by Nicole Harrig

By Kevin Oelze,

Texas A&M University survived Lone Star Quidditch Club, winning 100*-70 after an intense game that lasted 17 minutes and 47 seconds. The teams traded goals and demonstrated their impressive skills, but the game was not decided until A&M seeker Luke Wigley took advantage of snitch Gabe Garces being distracted by Lone Star seeker Craig Garrison to snatch the snitch and win the game.

Texas A&M chaser Becca DuPont opened the scoring, converting a quick pass on brooms up. However, no individual player really shined on either team; instead, this game showcased the impressive depth both teams have accrued. While DuPont scored multiple goals, no individual chaser on either team scored a hat trick in the game. The match went back and forth, with A&M never falling behind but also never pulling past 20 points ahead as the teams repeatedly traded goals.

“That was a great game,” said Lone Star captain Kody Marshall. “Maybe one of my favorite quidditch games ever.”

Of particular note for Lone Star was the beater corps, which impressively maintained control for the majority of the time the snitch was on the pitch. Beater Eric Willroth had a particularly strong game before being sidelined with a knee injury. “We’ve really been practicing our beater game, and they stepped up this tournament and they looked awesome,” said Marshall.

Texas A&M captain Drew Wasikowski described the game as “probably the hardest game we’ve had against [Lone Star].” The teams played each other four times this season, with A&M coming out victorious every game. He credited A&M’s recruiting strategy for the team’s success this season.

“From the very beginning of the season we focused on getting athletes and turning them into quidditch players,” Wasikowski said. “Eleven of our players were new at the beginning of the season.” The strategy seems to have paid off, as A&M can play the entire depth of its roster even against the best teams.

With the loss, Lone Star is eliminated from the tournament, while Texas A&M will continue on to the Final Four against in-state rivals University of Texas-Austin. The two teams have not met in an official game this year, despite the close proximity of the schools. The last meeting between the foes was at World Cup VI where A&M fell in the quarterfinals 200*-40. Texas A&M will put its undefeated season on the line as it continues its quest for program’s first title.