Quidditch World Cup VI • April 13–14, 2013 • Kissimmee, FL


Get ready for the world's best real-life quidditch teams to descend on Kissimmee, FL for two days of full-contact, co-ed competition.


Quidditch is a co-ed, full-contact sport that combines elements of rugby, dodgeball, and Olympic handball, with four balls (plus a human snitch) and seven players per team vying for control of an elliptical pitch. Eighty of the best teams in the world, hailing from across the US and as far away as Australia, France, Canada, the UK, and Mexico, will compete for the championship title.

Learn more about how to play.


Quidditch players move with the grace and ferocity of top athletes; the best of them look like lacrosse players and hit like linebackers.
Time Magazine


The Quidditch World Cup is more than just a sports tournament, thanks to the following features:

  • Live commentary from improvisational comedians and quidditch sports pundits
  • Bands and other performers between games
  • Magical items and other merchandise for sale
  • A special field set aside just for kids' quidditch, so young participants can try their hand at the game
  • Fans in costumes, teams with insane cheers and warpaint, and colorful team banners
  • Marching bands
  • A magical ‘flying’ car
  • An even more magical after party
  • And much more!

Food options

The World Cup will feature a wide variety of food and beverages, including tacos, burritos, gyros, cheese steaks, corndogs, salads, Papa John's Pizza, Monsta Lobsta, Maui Waui frozen drinks, Feast Your Face burgers and sandwiches, crepes, dipping dots, shaved ice cream and other deserts, and coffee and a wide variety of other beverages, including soda, juice, sports drinks, and butter beer. We are also securing a vegan/vegetarian food vendor.

A liquor tent in the middle of the event will serve beer and liquor for guests that are 21 and older (please bring official ID to be served).


I totally recommend going to the Cup if you are a Harry Potter fan, or just like being around happy people. It’s very family friendly, and we had a great time.
Rebecca Angel, Wired.com
The 12-hour day of quidditch was so, so fun. Seeing this part of the books in front of you literally and getting to shout, ‘Come on, beaters, offense!’ was incredible. If you didn’t make it, be sure to come next year for the World Cup VI!
Ben Bonnema

Quidditch History

Quidditch was adapted from the Harry Potter novels in 2005, at Middlebury College in Vermont, by Xander Manshel, a freshman looking to change up his dorm’s tradition of Sunday bocce. That first group wore towels for capes and came with an assortment of broom-like implements, including a Swiffer mop and even a lamp. One kid wore his graduation robes. The game was an immediate hit on campus and was played on an intramural level until 2007, when Alex Benepe founded the Intercollegiate Quidditch Association after the first intercollegiate match between Middlebury and Vassar College. Since then the sport has really taken off (figuratively if not literally): students from more than 1,000 colleges and high schools from a dozen countries have contacted the IQA looking to start their own teams, and over 300 are actively playing around the world.

In 2005, the first "Quidditch World Cup" featured ten intramural teams at Middlebury. By 2010, 46 college and high school teams - from such diverse institutions as Harvard, Texas A&M, Michigan State, NYU, and Chestnut Hill College – competed in New York City on four fields with over 15,000 spectators. In 2011, the number grew to 96 teams. By the beginning of the 2012 season, the IQA had over 175 dues-paying official member teams from 45 US States and five other countries. After five successful World Cups, there were too many official teams for World Cup to be a first-come, first-serve event any longer. The IQA hosted regional championships as World Cup qualifying events for the first time ever. So far, the US Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, and Northeast, as well as Australia, Europe, and Eastern Canada, have had their regionals. This spring, the US West, Southwest, and South will follow.

Where do we go from here? Onward and upward. The IQA has plans to increase the number of official teams all over the world, but especially in the UK, Europe, and Asia. Our regions are planning to host more and better events over the course of the year, and since the first-ever cable broadcast of a quidditch game in January, the IQA is looking to get quidditch televised in more places.

Learn more about the IQA at our website, internationalquidditch.org.

Austin Tindall Park Policies

  1. Parking is $10 per vehicle per day and will be paid at the front gate (VIP guests will receive complementary parking passes at the front gate upon showing their ticket).
  2. All bags will be checked upon entrance to the park.
  3. Guests may not bring in food or beverages, which are for sale inside the park, with the exception of one (1) sealed water bottle per person.
  4. Only one (1) team cooler is permitted into the complex for each team competing and must be brought in by an authorized and approved coach.
  5. No dogs allowed
  6. Guns, knives or any other weapon is not allowed into the facility.
  7. Chairs and small tents are permitted in the facility, and may not be staked into the ground.
  8. Items may not be left in the facility over-night.
  9. Hitting balls into screens or fences belonging to the facility for warm-up is not permitted.
  10. No climbing of fences.
  11. Please remember to keep an eye on your children while enjoying the event.
  12. Please remember to drink plenty of fluids.

Accommodations for special needs guests:


We are requiring all food vendors to post any allergens their foods may contain. These signs will be visible on each vendor’s station. We will also include information for vegetarians or vegans of any possible food accommodations a food vendor may have.

Handicap Access

We will have ample parking space and bathroom access for all guests that require it. We are also reserving seating for handicapped guests at every pitch and the entertainment stage. If you have any questions on how to access that seating there will be guests relations volunteers available to assist you in finding the reserved seating.

Quiet space/baby area:

For guests or children who become overstimulated and need a quiet area, or for guests with children that require changing and/or private breastfeeding, there will be special areas set aside. Please inquire at the event’s information booth or email the hospitality coordinator below.

Miscellaneous Special Needs:

If you or any member of your party has other special needs, please contact our hospitality coordinator, Hilary.jarman@internationalquidditch.org


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